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Play Spider Solitaire 1 Suit for Free Online

Welcome to 247 Spider Solitaire, where you can play Spider Solitaire 1 suit online for absolutely, positively free!

When you hit play, you’ll have a new hand of Spider Solitaire dealt out for you. Track your spider solitaire high score and see how you progress, or try out our other Solitaire variants.

How to play Spider Solitaire One Suit

spider solitaire setup

When you begin Spider Solitaire One Suit, you’ll have eight different stacks of cards—that’s where the name “Spider” comes from. This is the spider solitaire one suit which means that it uses one set of cards, but you can find two and four suit variants below too.

spider solitaire sequences

Unlike regular Solitaire where you build foundations, in spider solitaire you’ll create sequences. As shown above, a sequence is cards in order, with the highest up top and the lowest at the bottom. A full sequence is King to Ace, and when this is completed, the sequence is taken off the board. When you play spider solitaire, your objective is to create sequences, thus using all the cards in play.

spider solitaire stock pile

When you’ve run out of available moves with the original tableau (that’s the playing area), you can draw from the stock pile in the bottom right corner. This will add one card to the bottom of each stack. As you can see, this will blur the cards above it if it doesn’t add to the sequence. You’ll need to move these cards to another column if you want to keep building the sequence behind it.

spider solitaire empty column

In the event that you have an empty column, you can move any card or stack into that space. Importantly, if you want to draw from the stock pile, you must fill any empty space on the board before doing so. This becomes a bit tricky the more sequences you complete, as there are fewer cards in play.

Again, once you’ve completed all the sequences, you win the current game of 1-Suit Spider Solitaire!

1-Suit Spider Solitaire Strategy

Playing Spider Solitaire is all about organization. . You can certainly get lucky with your hand, but that luck will run out at some point. You’ll eventually need to draw cards, and this can cut off sequences if you’re not careful. What this means is that in order to win Spider Solitaire, it’s best to be careful with where you place cards, but also flexible enough to adjust on the fly. The cards you draw may fill in an area on another side of the board.

Also, you should try to get the face-down cards on the tableau revealed as soon as possible. When these are left unrevealed for too long, stacks will continue to build on top of them, making them harder to reveal. Always make sure you’ve done everything you can to reveal cards before drawing from the stock.

Another big point of the game is getting sequences out of play. The sooner you complete a sequence, the sooner it’ll be out of the way of other sequences. One of the best strategies is to build one or two sequences at a time while also stacking together cards that go together. A lot of the game is putting pieces together that you’ve been building since the start.

Spider Solitaire 1-Suit FAQs

What are the differences between Solitaire and Spider Solitaire?

Klondike, what Americans and Canadians simply call Solitaire, and Spider Solitaire have a lot of differences. For one, Spider Solitaire uses two standard 52-card decks, while Klondike only uses one. Also, in Klondike, you’re building foundations from Ace to King per suit; in Spider, you’re building sequences from King to Ace. Depending on the type of Spider Solitaire you’re playing, you may not use all four suits, but every version of Klondike uses all four suits.

Does Spider Solitaire One Suit require experience to play?

Nope! You can be a complete beginner to Solitaire games and still play Spider Solitaire well. Now, whether or not you’ll be good at it right away is a different story. Spider Solitaire can quickly get out of hand if you’re not playing your cards right. Luckily, there’s no shame in starting over, especially if you’re a new player!

Is Spider Solitaire 1-Suit a game of skill?

Like all Solitaire games, Spider Solitaire requires a careful balance between skill and chance. You’re not going to be able to control the cards that are dealt, but you can control where they go once they’re in play. As you play more, you’ll start to understand things like where you should place cards and what plays aren’t optimal.

Where did Spider Solitaire come from?

Solitaire games have been around since the 18th century, but Spider Solitaire wasn’t introduced to the world until 1949. It was named Spider Solitaire because of the eight foundation piles used. It became one of the most popular versions of Solitaire because of its inclusion on Windows computers by default.

Are there versions that are harder than One Suit Spider Solitaire?

Yes! In fact, we have three different versions other than Spider Solitaire 1-Suit: classic Spider, Two Suit Spider, and Four Suit Spider. As the names suggest, these versions introduce more than one suit into the game. You still build sequences with like suits, but multiple suits offer a layer of complexity and difficulty that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

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