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What's the Fastest Solitaire Game Ever Recorded?

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If you've ever wondered what the fastest Solitaire game could be, then read on!

For a card game which is both so popular and so easy to pick up, Solitaire is a game of staggering depth. Playing Solitaire at a high level is a matter of speed, efficiency, and quick, precise strategy.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the fastest Solitaire games ever, average Solitaire moves you can expect and even offer some tips on how to increase your speed. So grab your cards and get ready to learn about some record-breaking Solitaire action!

What should your Solitaire speed look like?

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Is Solitaire luck or skill? The answer is a mixed bag and evident if you try to figure out how long it takes to beat a game of Solitaire. For instance, your answer will depend on many factors, such as the player’s existing skill, the game variant being played, luck, what platform you’re playing it on, and more. If you're curious about how your time stacks up, consider comparing it against the records and averages we'll cover below.

What is the fastest game of Solitaire -- ever?

What qualifies as a world record Solitaire time depends on which variation of the game we're talking about, where the game was played, and how.

One of the fastest Solitaire games ever recorded on a computer was on the Microsoft Solitaire collection, a game of draw-one Klondike, where Portuguese player “Bruxa” completed their round in 5 seconds! This player also holds the record for draw-three, which took more than twice as long to complete at 17 seconds. Still impressive!

The Guinness World Records also list a tabletop game of Solitaire having been completed in just ten seconds by English player Stephen Twigge. It's unknown the exact layout of his board to achieve this feat, but it's undoubtedly an achievement that took a lot of skill, practice, and luck to achieve.

What is the least amount of moves to win Solitaire and what are average Solitaire moves?

While luck is involved in Solitaire, it is, in essence, a game of probability. This means that it is mathematically possible to answer the question of what is the least amount of moves in Solitaire. Let’s give it a go. The least amount of moves you can make in Solitaire -- as long as you're playing 3-Card Klondike, that is -- is sixty. That accounts for moving each of the 52 cards once (52 moves), in addition to revealing all 24 of the non-main pile cards, 3 at a time (8 moves).

However, practically speaking, completing the game in fewest moves in Solitaire is next to impossible. This would require a very specific setup of cards that would essentially ensure you'd win without ever needing to arrange your tableau. For that reason, this single outcome is pretty much statistically impossible.

So, how many moves should you be aiming for? Or, in different words, what is the number of average moves in Solitaire?

For an experienced player, it takes about 120 moves to win a game of Klondike Solitaire, which translates to roughly 5 minutes.

What is a good Solitaire time or move?

Despite the 5-minute game time mentioned above, for many new players or players with light Solitaire experience, an average game of Solitaire tends to last around 10-13 minutes.

This is a massive difference between some of the fastest-recorded games. So why the gap? Why is Solitaire so hard for new players? We'll explore that below.

What is a good score in Solitaire?

What a “good” score is in Solitaire depends on what game skill you're looking to improve! There are plenty of ways to judge a Solitaire game's score, from time to numeric points given based on your moves. So if you want to improve your Solitaire score and your skill, you should pick a specific focus to try and improve upon each time you play.

You might ask yourself, what is a good number of moves in Solitaire? If you're playing your game without a timer and solely scoring your in-game moves, reaching the 500+ mark puts you above the 50% percentile of all Solitaire players, as the game tends to cap out at around 900-1000 points.

A Solitaire game can theoretically go on forever, but the average time it takes the Solitaire community to complete a round is about ten minutes. So if you're aiming to find what a good Solitaire time for your skill level is, a sub-five minute game is a great place to be. You'll only improve, and some Solitaire players can complete their games in three, two, or even a single minute if they're skilled enough.

Can you win at Solitaire every time?

Solitaire takes luck as well as skill, and it's not always possible to win every time.

Only 80% of Solitaire setups are winnable, which means that the odds of even the most game-perfect player being able to complete their Solitaire isn't guaranteed. You might find some games just don't pan out. Don't let this discourage you -- keep practicing, and don't be afraid to start a new game if you feel stuck -- it might be you're playing an unwinnable game.

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Strategies to speed up your Solitaire game

If you're looking for strategies to speed up your Solitaire and quickly improve your skills, look no further. Here are some general strategies to keep in mind to improve your game:

Keep practicing!

There is no better way to improve a skill or get better at your favorite games than to keep practicing. Practice makes perfect, after all! If you're struggling with the Solitaire games you're playing and can't seem to improve, consider starting with a variation of Solitaire that is new-player-friendly, such as Freecell Solitaire or One-Card Klondike.

Whatever your game of choice, play lots of rounds, and try to improve a single aspect of your gameplay. Whether that be the efficiency of your moves or the speed at which you play, improving one aspect of your play is a lot easier than trying to improve at everything at once.

Think through every move

Every move in Solitaire affects the course of the game. While finishing your round quickly in Solitaire is satisfying and often essential to score highly, it's difficult to learn and improve your skills if you're always rushing to finish your game. In fact, at the start, speed play may well hurt your efforts.

When you're playing, consider the possible effects of every move you make. Sometimes these consequences are difficult to see before they happen, which is where the undo function comes in handy. If you ever find yourself stuck, consider undoing back far enough to see how you might have gotten yourself in that situation, and what to do next to avoid it.

Learn from others

Use your resources! There are millions of Solitaire games played across the world every day. If you're a fan of Solitaire, consider meeting some other gamers who like it just as much as you do. Discuss strategies with other players, find communities of gamers with an interest in high-level or competitive Solitaire just like you, and read up on strategies and game variations. There are plenty of resources just like this article which can give you useful knowledge of the game and strategies to succeed and improve your playing.

Every game is more fun with friends -- consider linking up with some existing Solitaire players, or invite your friends to try it out for themselves. They might have new approaches you hadn't considered, and being able to compare your skills against another player similar to yourself can be a very helpful learning tool.

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Ready to speed up your Solitaire play?

There you have it! Some of the most inspiring Solitaire stats from around the world, and tips to improve your game. Hopefully, you should be able to reach for higher scores and quicker times, but don't forget to consistently practice and engage in the Solitaire community for tips and advice. And most importantly, have fun!

If you want to give your new Solitaire skills a try, visit us at 247 Solitaire and play a variety of games for all skill levels!

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