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Unusual Solitaire Game Variants You've Never Heard Of

9 unusual solitaire games

If you're looking to explore the outer reaches of the Solitaire gaming world, then you've come to the right place. Here are nine of the most unusual and unique Solitaire game variants we could find across the annals of gaming.

9 unusual Solitaire games to expand your gaming repertoire

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For each game, we'll present a breakdown of the game's basic mechanics and objective, what you'll need to play, and useful information such as difficulty and average time to play.


What is it: A quick and fun variation of Solitaire with no filler. You'll need a simple 52-card playing deck for this game!

Game Length: 10-25 minutes.

Difficulty: Can be somewhat difficult depending on the luck of your shuffle. Doesn't leave a lot of room for error.

How to Play: Place each of the four aces into a foundation. Deal the 48 remaining cards into the tableau; creating 16 stacks of three cards each. You can only move one card at a time, and any empty spaces in the tableau can't be filled. Your main moves to try and complete the game are the ability to reshuffle the entire tableau twice per game.

Objective: Fill up the foundations according to their suit using the cards in your tableau. If you run out of moves, the game is over.

Wasp Solitaire

What is it: Wasp Solitaire is a unique variation of Klondike Solitaire with a few notable rule and setup differences. Played with a 52-card playing deck. It's best for fans of Klondike Solitaire who are looking for an extended challenge.

Game Length: 15-30 minutes.

Difficulty: Wasp Solitaire can be difficult for players who've never played any Solitaire before or haven't mastered some of their strategies. A difficult win to achieve due to the strict victory conditions.

How to Play: 4 tableau columns are filled with seven cards on the left-hand side. Three of the cards in each face-up, and the next four face-down. Three foundational columns are also formed with the random leftovers of cards, all cards face-up. Leave three cards left over to make up the only cards to be stored in your stockpile.

Objective: Sort every card from your tableau into the foundations in descending numerical order, according to their suit. Clear the tableau and complete the foundation to win!


What is it: A chaotic and large-scale Solitaire game variation. This game uses two 52-card playing decks.

Game Length: 30-45 minutes.

Difficulty: Quite difficult. This game will test your Solitaire skills.

How to Play: Create seven columns of cards in your tableau. Half of the cards in these columns will be hidden and alternate in a pattern (Hidden, not hidden, hidden, etc). You'll need space for eight foundation piles as well. Similar to Klondike Solitaire, sequences must be built in alternating colors.

Objective: Unveil the hidden cards in your tableau and attempt to fill all of the foundations in order of their value. Beginning with aces up to kings.

Clock Solitaire

What is it: A circularly-shaped variation of Solitaire played using a 52-card playing deck. Players who want to play a very aesthetically pleasing – if challenging – variation of Solitaire, will be right at home here!

Game Length: 25-40 minutes.

Difficulty: Very difficult and entirely luck-based.

How to Play: Using the shape of a 12-hour clock as a guide, create a dial formation of twelve piles with four cards each, all face-down. Place a 13th column, four cards as well, in the very center of the “clock". Only the top card of the 13th column should be face-up.

Objective: Using the face-up card of the 13th column, place it according to its number corresponding with the position of the hours on a twelve-hour clock. For instance, an eight would go to the eight o'clock position. Then, take the top card of that pile you just added to and place it in its corresponding pile, and so on. If you can make each of the 13 piles four-of-a-kind before the center pile is filled with all four kings, you win.


What is it: Another challenging large-foundation Solitaire game. This game uses two 52-card playing decks,

Game Length: 30-45 minutes.

Difficulty: Quite difficult, also very luck-based. The game doesn't allow much room for error.

How to Play: Create eight foundations using the available aces in the deck. Deal out eight tableau piles of three cards (two hidden, one visible). The remaining cards in the deck become your stockpile. Sequences in your tableau are built in alternating color and descending in value. Only a single card may be moved at a time.

Objective: Fill your foundations in ascending sequence based on their value, from aces to kings. Organize and unearth the hidden cards in your tableau to make as many moves as possible before needing to rely on your stockpile. If you run out of moves, the game is over.

King of the Corners

What is it: A multiplayer Solitaire variation for up to four players! This game requires only a single 52-card playing deck.

Game Length: 15-30 minutes.

Difficulty: Somebody will always win! Very luck dependent.

How to Play: Shuffle the deck and deal each player seven cards. The remaining stockpile is placed face-down in the center of the board. Take the top four cards of the stockpile and place them face-up on each side of the stockpile deck, these will form your “foundations". Players must attempt to get rid of their entire hand of cards using standard Klondike Solitaire rules (alternating color, descending value).

Objective: The first player to get rid of their entire hand is crowned the winner!

Four Seasons

What is it: A single-player game with a similar setup to King of the Corner. Uses a single 52-card playing deck.

Game Length: 15-30 minutes

Difficulty: Very difficult as this is another luck-based Solitaire game. The circular value system can be a bit confusing for new players.

How to Play: Place five cards face-up in a cross formation on the board to start your tableau. The four spaces in the corners of this shape will be your foundations. The remaining cards make up a stockpile you can draw from to build up the tableau. In this game, you can cycle around in suit order when stacking cards in either your tableau or the foundation (this means that a king may be played on an ace to restart the card value order).

Objective: Transfer all of the cards from your stockpile and tableau into the foundations according to their suit.

Scorpion Solitaire

What is it: Scorpion Solitaire is a similar variant to Wasp Solitaire, perfect for players looking for a more complex variation of Solitaire focused on card arrangement. In this game, you can freely move cards in any order. All you need is your 52-card playing deck.

Game Length: 20-30 minutes.

Difficulty: Scorpion Solitaire, refreshingly, is always winnable! You can freely arrange cards across your board and don't need to worry about stacking in sequence, making this a consistent and satisfying game.

How to Play: Four tableau columns are filled with 7 cards on the left-hand side. 3 of the cards in each face-up, and the next 4 face-down. 3 foundational columns are also formed with the random leftovers of cards, all face-up. Save 3 cards to create the stockpile, which can be drawn from at any time.

Objective: Sort every card from your tableau into the foundations in descending numerical order. The suit is not important to win the game. When the tableau is completely cleared and the foundation is completely organized, you've won!


What is it: A very in-depth and expanded variation of the concept of Freecell Solitaire. Uses a single 52-card playing deck.

Game Length: 45-60 minutes.

Difficulty: This game has a lot to keep track of, but is usually beatable with enough determination.

How to Play: Eight cards are dealt in a horizontal row to form what's known as the “equator", around which 24 cards are dealt to represent the aspects of the Zodiac (two for each). All of these cards are face up. Use the remaining cards as your stock and deal them into either section of the board one at a time. If the Equator has no cards at any time in the game, they can be used as free cells to hold any single card. Conversely, the Zodiac can be built with multiple cards per space but must be built by suit.

Objective: Finally, there will be eight foundations that you must build. Four must be built from low-to-high value, and the other four the opposite. Play from your Zodiac tableau and the Equator to build up these foundations to win the game.

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unusual solitaire game variants

If any of these games have piqued your fancy, we encourage you to give them a try yourselves. Bear in mind that some of these games can be notoriously difficult!

If you're interested in sticking with the classics, consider checking out 247 Solitaire for the best selection of Solitaire games on the web!

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